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Add beauty, warmth and a personal touch to your RV décor with RV Cozy's picture frames & mounting kits.

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RV Picture Frame and Mounting Kits
No nails, screws or tools!
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Kits include
  • Beautiful wood picture frame and matting
    • Specially manufactured to fit completely flush against the wall
    • Picture frame molding is cut to perfectly match the width of the mounting materials
  • 3M’s industrial Scotchmate™ re-closable fastener peel and stick mounting materials
    • Allow picture frames to be securely mounted yet easily removed and reattached 
    • Adhesive is effective at a wide temperature range / -30 below to +150 above Fahrenheit 
    • Ideal for vinyl and finished wood surfaces most commonly found in RV’s
    • Innovative adhesive resists the adverse effects of plasticizers present in vinyl wall coverings
    • Amount of material is appropriately matched to the weight of each frame
    • Widely used and thoroughly tested in moving vehicle industry
  • Isopropyl-alcohol wipes to properly clean and prep mounting surfaces
  • Detailed mounting instructions including a paper sheet to be used as a template guide to accurately position the frame and mounting material.
Engineered to overcome the
challenges of the RV interior.

Have something of your own you would like to mount easily and securely?
  • The Scotchmate™ material can be purchased separately.
  • Package of 4 1”X2” strips w/alcohol wipes for $5.99.
  • 4 square inches of material supports 1 pound, the package supports up to 2 pounds.
Approximate weight reference:
  • 8X10 wood matted picture frame   1 lb. 6 oz.
  • 5X7 wood matted picture frame    15 oz.

   3M’s Scotchmate™ product was chosen for the RV Cozy frame mounting kit after thorough research for the right mounting material to match the challenging demands of the RV environment.   3M's Scotchmate ™  is specially designed for use in moving vehicles; is designed to bond with vinyl and wood walls, and will securely hold in temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees Fahrenheit.      

 Note:  the 3M Scotchmate ™ product should not be confused with 3M Command Strips as the Command Strips are not recommended by 3M for use on vinyl surfaces and do not have the same temperature range of the material in the RV Cozy frame and mounting kit.  

RV Cozy testing has shown the Scotchmate™ material provided in the RV Cozy kit can be removed from the RV vinyl wall and wood surfaces without causing damage. 


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